About Us

About us

The professionalism, the experience, the hospitability, the reliability, the solutions, the calmness, the sound, everything… That’s what DB is all about.

Our uniqueness, your peace of mind

     When you arrive to DB studios to design a soundtrack- you are provided with all you need! Our overall solution which includes music, dialogue and effect editing make our customers free from all worries and unnecessary co-ordination between many different factors. DB's uniqueness is reflected in our capability to provide the most creative and artistic solution, that takes into consideration the client's expectations, within the budget's limitations. We can guaranty you, that by the end of the process, the client leaves the studio with the highest quality soundtrack in hand, and peace of mind at heart.

     The fascinating world of post production, is the place where DB Studios exist. Every day we help create something  new, always more advanced and more fascinating then the day before.
Editing soundtracks for feature films - its our specialty. We are the leading professionals of this art form, from A to Z and we do it out of great love and understanding.

Our clients

     We provide our services to a variety of clients: from film school students, to well known feature film and television directors and producers. Our knowledge and experience provides the most suitable solution to each and every customer. Our reliability and personal interactions allows anyone to feel at home and to get the complete response to their needs.

Our evolution- It all started in winter 83...

     DB Studios were established by Ronen Ben Tal in the winter of 1983. The studio was first used in order to record Ben Tal's own band, Jean Conflict. Very quickly, the basement in Chen Avenue became the hottest musical spot in Tel Aviv. At that point, Ronen's friend, Uri First, had joined in as a co-manager. Not much later they were joined by Gil Toren after he finished his audio engineering studies in London.
In 1987, the studios relocated to ZOA House, for the next 7 years, until in the summer of 1993 DB relocated once again to it's current location, at Ha'Amal Street, where two state of the art recording studios were constructed.
The Early 1990's were the dawn of the post-production era of DB Studios. Our first post production studio was established, and in it the soundtrack for "Clara Hakdosha" was designed. From that point on, we fell in love with soundtrack editing for films. After "Clara Hakdosha" different soundtracks were edited in our studio. Amongst them, "Zolgot Hadmaot", "Clavim Lo Novhim Beyarok" and "Leneged Einaim Maaraviyot", who won a Dolby Stereo mix in the most respected studio in London.
The post production department has evolved rapidly, and the best professionals Israel can offer joined forces with DB Studios. The growth involved the establishment of post production facilities in Edit Studios and in Tel Aviv Studios, and the creation of numerous soundtracks for feature films and TV over the years.
As the studio kept growing, sound design awards began to pour in. Among the awarded soundtracks are "Kipur", "Haasonot Shel Nina", "Shnat Efes", "Lalechet Al Hamain", and "Karov Labait".

     Lately DB Studios have been  involved in ADR Recordings for international productions. Amongst them are Max Payne, Quantum of Solace and Road Trip 2.

     Today, DB Studios include 12 post production studios, 2 music studios, and a wonderful and highly skilled staff of more then 20 editors, sound designers and audio engineers. Even tough we increased in size and got more professional, our heart and soul remains the same. Each and every soundtrack is a world of its own, and gets its own care and created with love.

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